Goal Model Circle for Executives

All companies struggle with shaping recruited talent into the DNA of the company. This is why we created The LEAD GOAL Models Circle: to inspire the next generation of leaders by capturing the mindset and behaviours of influential Executives, Directors, and Managers. 

We generate opportunities that enable senior business leaders to leave a legacy in their field. By passing on wisdom to young talents through the lens of their personal stories, executives can plan for succession, forge deeper relationships with their future employees, and bring their brand alive.

The Audience

We connect our GOAL Models with young people, ages 14 – 25 years old, mostly from challenging backgrounds.

The aim is to give young people exposure, develop their critical thinking, listening skills and ability to ask powerful questions through conversation.

The programme is mostly virtual enabling GOAL Models to reach young people globally.

“These conversations with our young talents really opened my eyes on how I can help them fall in love with the company. I can see how initiatives like the GOAL Models Circle can help with talent retention.”

Christine Balogun, Lloyds Banking Group

Benefits to you and your company

  • Package your experiences to shape your future employees.
  • Support you in sharing your experience that inspires the next generation.
  • Build relationships with future employees
  • Help with succession planning.
  • Opportunity to give back and leave a legacy.

The Basic Programme

The LEAD Training Journey consists of 1-2 hours of storytelling coaching, and 1 hour to deliver their story to an audience of future leaders. Successful GOAL Models will be featured on a legacy podcast that they can use to continue influencing future leaders.

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Build your leadership legacy by spreading joy, purpose, and meaning to others.

GOAL Model Of The Month

John Collins

Former Chief
Legal Compliance and Risk
Santander UK