Business Purpose

Our purpose is to foster an ecosystem of leaders that through service, bring forth higher purpose, meaning and joy to the lives of others and therefore themselves. The LEAD Mindset links purpose to service. Service means we develop ourselves to develop others and inspire people to use what they know, their contacts, skills, experiences and talents to create value for themselves and collaborate on adding value to others.

We are changing leadership perceptions through Mental stimulation, collaboration with corporates, teaching, contact, challenge, conversations.

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Our Vision

Building a community of leaders with The LEAD Mindset, through whom adding value to others and their community is as contagious as laughter.

Our Mission

Challenging and transforming the mindset of leadership by changing the  perceived source of leadership from only those with status and position to include those  who, through service to others, can produce the greatest influence and impact.

Our Corporate Structure

The LEAD Curriculum is the trading name for Leadership In Education Services Ltd.

We are a Private  Limited Company with a Limited By Guarantee arm.


We are funded through our various training programmes, with income being invested into our programmes, marketing our programmes and the supporting of young people through our programmes. For every employee we train, we invest 20% of what we are paid into social good for young people from challenging backgrounds.

Our Product

 LEAD offers multiple services, but the key to all the services is The LEAD Mindset based on a  ‘Service Leadership Methodology’.

All our programmes are designed around the five principles of The LEAD Mindset we call REAPS®.

Our Principles

LEAD is a mindset where the purpose in leadership is linked to service.

We believe that every individual has the potential to lead their own communities in whatever role they are in. Leadership has more to it than earning the title and achieving worldly success. It takes an individual’s commitment to inspire others to be the best version of themselves. This transformative outlook in life is harnessed and built on a strong foundation made up of self-literacy, social literacy, purpose and legacy.

Our Values







Empathetic Listening



Corporates get Involved

The Director/Founder of The LEAD Curriculum explains in this video.

We have contracts with a number of schools (including schools in challenging circumstances). We work with employers to put forward real business challenges and mentors to drive the challenge. We provide training for the mentors on how to inspire young people to be change makers and influencers in the service space.

Check out our employee mentorship programme with purpose and our student leadership programme.