Employee Mentoring Programme

Conventional approaches to employee mentoring have still not bridged gaps in implementing consistent workplace practices. By identifying and developing employees who have mastered this essential skillset, we can promote business continuity, upskill your people, and enable them to have a social impact in the community at the same time.

Social Impact

  • Increase social mobility through exposure and connections
  • Pipeline of young people for your company’s initiatives
  • Increased personal value when you inspire others
  • Access to a wider ecosystem of talent

Learning & Development

  • Teach and practice leadership skills
  • Gain insight into how young people think
  • Reframe your skills to share success with next generations
  • Practice your communication skills
  • Try and test your ability to motivate, be flexible, be resilient, be innovative

“…a beneficial and
highly enjoyable time
as we taught children
how to take risks by
setting up their own

Phil, Change Risk Manager, Lloyds Bank

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The Basic Programme

Our basic  Employee Mentorship Programme packages start at £6K.

20% of this is injected back into disadvantaged communities for social good.

A basic package includes upskilling 6 employees as LEAD Mentors, a LEAD Project Manager to co-ordinate 6 weeks of mentor practice, connection with 30 young people, a showcase to allow vertical and horizonal visibility of talent, a report on impact of your work, promotional videos to increase brand awareness.

Your employees will identify the skill/s that are areas for development in their work plan and sign up for the  corresponding LEAD Module. LEAD provides 6 modules to develop your employees’ key service-based leadership skills.

Employees will complete a  45-minute Knowledge Acquisition course on Mentoring with The LEAD Mindset. Employees will attend a 120-minute face-2-face  LEAD workshop to train them in the identified skills, and how they can teach those skills to others. They can also access further online support including webinars, library resources, and a forum on our learning platform. There is continuous feedback and self-evaluation throughout the programme.

Employees will have the opportunity to teach that skill to a group of protégés either  inside or outside the company, then complete a post-Mentoring self-assessment to measure impact. We recognise talented mentors with awards and provide testimonials for participants on request.