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Challenging the Mindset of Leadership

The mission of LEAD is to transform and challenge the mindset of leadership. We link the core purpose in leadership to the service of others. We call this mindset The LEAD Mindset. Service means you develop yourself for the purpose of empowering others. Growing an ecosystem of such leaders in your company will develop a powerful culture of service where teams or the company can realize unparalleled success and drive the change the world wants and needs.

Happy Employees Increase Productivity

With The LEAD Mindset,  employees think differently, show up as the best versions of themselves and pursue excellence. These behaviours  delight customers causing them to come back for repeats.

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Making a difference that goes beyond grades and titles - harnessing happiness and purpose in your employees

The LEAD Curriculum is invested in building an ecosystem of leaders who recognize that to be truly effective in what we do, we have to help those around us to be effective.

Our programmes are designed around REAPS®, our toolkit for nurturing The LEAD Mindset, a leadership mindset where everyone, irrespective of rank, is active and invested in the overall success and reputation of their organization internally and externally.

The REAPS® Toolkit

A framework that teaches the tools and practices of creating a powerful culture of service.

We deliver leadership trainings and engagements to those in recognized and unrecognized leadership positions, such as students, teachers, and business leaders, to create a powerful culture of service. We believe that people feel happier and driven by purpose when they give value to others, which increases their productivity. Our REAPS® Toolkit has been proven and tested in tier one FTSE companies.

We offer a popular  2-hour taster workshops to introduce organizations to our REAPS® toolkit.

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Bridging Gaps - Changing the Leadership Conversation

Inspiring audiences and delegates from diverse walks of life to adopt a contagious leadership mindset, and build a culture of service and productivity that delights customers.

Equipping Leaders to Grow Leaders


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